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Bridge and correlated areas experts are invited to submit proposals of Special Sessions in their areas of expertise.

Organizing a Special Session
Participants interested in organizing a Special Session as part of IABMAS2016 are requested to submit a proposal to the conference organizers by December 31, 2014. Prospective session organizers should consider the following items prior to submitting the proposal:

1.There are typically five presentations in a single session.
2.Speakers should be selected primarily for their current contributions to the topic area.
3.Speakers should be as representative of researchers in the area as possible.
4.A session organizer may speak as part of the session that he/she is organizing.
5. Sessions are discouraged in which most of the speakers come from the same organization or if all co-authors on the papers being presented in a session are from the same organization.

Preparation of the Proposal
The Special Session Organizer(s) should provide the following information:

Title: Describe the subject of the session as accurately and specifically as possible in not more than 10 words.

Organizer: Provide the full name, title, affiliation, address, email address, telephone number, and, when available, fax number.

Summary: Describe the session in no more than 100 words. The summary should be written to attract those who specifically work on the topic as well as those who work in related areas. Based on experience, the following outline is suggested:

·Explain the problem area to be addressed by the speakers and why it is important in significant applications.
·Identify current directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems.
·Describe the scope of the session.

Speakers: Provide the full name, title, affiliation, address, and email address of each speaker and the title of his/her presentation.

Submitting the Proposal
If you are interested in organizing a Special Session as part of IABMAS2016, please send your proposal, containing the above information, via email to the conference scientific secretariat at: by December 31, 2014. (In the subject of the email message, please indicate “IABMAS2016 SPECIAL SESSION PROPOSAL”)

For further details contact the IABMAS2016 Secretariat:
Ms. Tatiana Razuck – .